Inside the human heart

This is a collection of 19 stories, that will guarantee a careful examination of the human condition, it is an inside into the human heart. It deals with identity, quest for belonging, sexuality, institutions, perceptions, and plain humanity. Literary Review Dr. Muñoz signing his new English language book during a presentation at Glendale Community College, […]

Letter from one of our Tejano compatriots…

And I have to repeat the obvious, because some have forgotten: This Land IS Our Land. Between insecurity, anxiety and fear, we must admit fear, and what one fears. You know, it terrorizes me to think that we could be the next victims of these strange men. What will become of our future? Will there be a future for us? How will we defend ourselves? What can we do to ensure that our people survive, that they will overcome this crisis? How do we stop the invasion of these heartless savages? I ask the Almighty to hear my prayers.

EFFUSIVE Los Angeles (*)

Because now you understand that you have not come to Los Angeles to describe the busiest airport in the world. Nor shall you solely register the experience of a quasi romantic dinner at a Redondo Beach restaurant with the sea beneath your feet. You have not come to revive the ashes of racial hate in South Central or Huntington Park, this striking example of the impossibility to achieve human harmony. Nor will you have to visit the skyscrapers of “downtown” in whose benches wander beggars that insult the “American way of life” with their starving beards and humble eyes that remember the simplicity of Jesus Christ.


More than five hundred years ago Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in quest of riches and some ineffable notion that the biblical Paradise of the New Testament would suddenly appear in all its splendor. He was an illusionary, some would say a crazed man who needed to defy all the odds in order to satisfy his most basic needs. He wanted fame, he wanted fortune, he wanted eternal salvation…

Poems of Life and of Death

The faraway is not your destiny. Everything is near. Flower, grass, tree./Lamentation exists only/in the lost sheep. /You have no dowry/for your marriage with death.

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